Nothing matters except the dance itself

Soul in her dancing

No words, however beautiful, can ever capture the awesome grace of an actual performance: be lilting enough to catch its musical essence or moving enough to capture its soul on paper. Kathak is, simply a celebration of all the senses – and only life does justice to bringing its soul alive.

Nighat has choreographed and performed her own pieces nationally and internationally to great acclaim. She has also tried her hand at acting on the mini screen and received the Nighar Award, the media award for outstanding performance as an artist, for Best Actress. She has also been featured as a model for various brands as well as music video.  She acted in various plays and also a Pakistani feature film, as well as choreographed the dance pieces for them. Presently she has established the Nighat Choadhry Foundation (NCF) to encourage, empower and create a transformative space for the youth, the women and all the people of Pakistan, a platform to embrace our cultural heritage and performing arts as a means of human development, a healing of our cultural wounds and an evolving of our communities with a connection back into the cultural fabric and cultural roots of Pakistan. She is a founding member of the Institute of Performing Arts (IPA). IPA is a collaborative project by Nighat Chaodhry Foundation, Wahab Shah Dance Company and Dugdugi. There is a tremendous need for the performing arts. Society is disconnected from its own roots. People are living with insecurities, stress, depression, angry emotions, a disowning of our culture heritage. Thus the idea of an Institute of Performing Arts (IPA) came; where all forms of performing arts under one roof could play that role of empowering all in search of self.